If you live in an agricultural country or are interested in farming or keeping a ranch, then a good quality tractor is the most important tool in your inventory. Whenever you decide to buy a tractor, it should be the best one because half of the worries and chores of keeping a farm or doing agriculture are made easy with a good tractor.

A tractor is basically for delivering help around the farm at a slow speed. It will haul almost everything for you, like heavy machinery or construction gear. This is why you should always opt for the best tractor whenever you want to buy one. Pick the one that stays with you for many years to come. Before you decide to buy a tractor, it is essential to attain knowledge of the top suppliers available in the market. Have you done your research? Have you thoroughly studied the specs and features of the tractor you want to buy? If not yet, we have good news for you because we have compiled a list of the top 10 tractor suppliers in the USA to assist you in decision making. So, let's see which company has the highest ranking for tractors in the USA!

Top 10 tractor suppliers in the USA:

Tractors are such a productive machine, which will help you meet all your needs in the field. Using different equipment on a tractor can be turned into an irrigation machine or a dozer per requirement. So, you don't have to buy various vehicles for different jobs because most of your work will be done by a good tractor with certain equipment. There are many great tractor manufacturers in the USA, but here are the best 10 for your affluence.

1. John Deere:
John Deere is an extension of an American company called Deere and Co. This company is famous for its machinery in the agricultural, forestry, and construction sector. The company came into existence in 1837 and had its headquarters in Moline, Illinois. Moving on, Deere and Co. attained the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company in 1918 and then. In 1923, the company launched its first own model, the John Deere Model D tractor. Deere and Co. also supplied equipment and tractors to the US military at the beginning of the 1940s.

2. PMC A&E
PMC is a globally known company, famous for its hydraulic devices and their technologies. For the past 50 years, they have been successfully known to cater to clients' needs requiring heavy machinery, farm machines, ships, precision machine makers, power plants, and special machinery. Their amazing machinery is available for everyone at the best prices possible and also for solving complex hydraulic challenges which anyone might face.

PMC America offers a wide range and variety of machinery equipment, including PTM series track motor, PSM series swing motor, PRCVJ and PRCVD series joystick, PRCVP Series pedal, HPVMF Hydrostatic transmission, PMF series axial piston motor, PMV series winch drum, PPF series axial piston pump and other hydraulic parts. They can also modify and manufacture special equipment for machinery which their clients require and engineer the best possible thing in less time and at best market prices.

Since 1994, they have been working as experts of Automotive Suppliers and Manufacturers. The most famous equipment of PMC America in the market is their hydraulic mission motor pump valve.

3. Eaton
Eaton company goes more than a century back. However, it started in a different form. In 1911, the company was initiated to manufacture patented internal-gear truck axles. The company then later expanded its core business in the US automotive industry. Growing significantly, the company acquired various smaller companies to from Eaton Corporation that we know today. Operating their business in over 175 countries with more than 92,000 employees, Eaton deals in multiple industries with their primary focus on power management together with efficient electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic products and services, including tractors.

4. Massey Ferguson
Daniel Massey founded Massey Ferguson in 1847 in Ontario. In the beginning, the company only produced small agricultural machinery as it was an atelier. However, once the company was established, it moved around the world a lot.  

They captured the international market in the 1960s for producing one of the best heavy machinery. Currently, Massey Ferguson operates not from Canada but from Georgia, USA, under the AGCO group. If anyone is looking for good quality agriculture equipment, then Massey Ferguson is their solution.

5. Mahindra
Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. It is a multinational vehicle production company with its headquarters in Mumbai, India, and offices in other parts of the world like the USA and Dubai. It is one of the largest vehicle manufacturing company in the world and is famous for tractor manufacturing. The company is an extension of Mahindra Group Holding. Their tractors are sold in more than 40 countries.

6. Kubota
Kubota is a manufacturer of heavy machinery and equipment mostly used for agriculture and construction. The company was established in Osaka, Japan, in the 1890s. Apart from vehicles'
production, this company also produces other inventory items like pumps, irrigation pipes, water treatment units, vent equipment, engineering tools, construction equipment, etc. It is one of the biggest industrial enterprises in Japan, covering the biggest stock exchange in Japan.


7. Kioti Traders
This company is a part of Daedong Tractors, a major heavy machinery company in North America. The Kioti Farm Tractors was established in 1947 and is basically from Daegu, South Korea. The company is famous for various kinds of farm tractors and other valuable machinery equipment and accessories like pipes, hoses, rims, pumps, etc. they have more than 200 collaborated dealers.

8. Allis Chalmers Tractor
The company has been manufacturing farm equipment and heavy machinery since 1901. Their machinery has been used for various agricultural and construction purposes. But, later in the 1990s, the company started to work under AGCO. Since then, Allis Chalmers, under the logo of AGCO, has been one of the biggest tractors producing companies in South America, operating from its headquarters in California, USA.


9. TAFE Tractors
TAFE stands for Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd. They are usually on the 9th spot then it comes to ranking a company but, when it comes to ranking according to farm tractors, they have the 3rd spot in the list. TAFE is not a very old company, but it has worked in partnership with AGCO and Massey Ferguson for many years. They have been successfully delivering tractors and keeping an alliance with more than 80 countries, the biggest of them being American nations.


10. Avery Tractors
Avery is purely an American tractor company that was founded in 1891. They were the first ones that took the tractor market by introducing diesel tractors to the game. They have been ruling the market since the 1920s with their game-changer diesel tractors and other heavy machinery.


Each of the companies we discussed has its unique specifications when it comes to tractors. Every company produces a tractor that is different regarding capacity, size, and shape, and they all cater to certain types of needs of farmers and constructors. Choosing a tractor solely depends on what kind of tractor the person requires and what type of work they want to take from that tractor. If you are looking for good tractor suggestions, then you have our
above-discussed list at your disposal.