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PRCVP Foot Pedal Valve

Introducing the PMC Pedal Valve, exemplified by the PRCVP series – a game-changer in pressure-reducing remote control valves designed to oversee the spools of multiple control valves. Specifically tailored for diverse mobile machinery applications, this pedal valve stands out with its array of key features.

Customizable operational torque allows for a personalized experience, adapting to individual preferences seamlessly. The incorporation of a damping function ensures smooth and controlled operations. Experience excellent response and precise control, setting new benchmarks in operational efficiency.

PMC foor operated pedal valve

Durability: Constructed with durable materials and advanced engineering, PMC Axial Piston Motors are expected to withstand demanding operating conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

The PRCVP series are pressure-reducing type remote control valves to control spools of multiple control valves. They are applied for various mobile machinery.

Built with high durability and reliability in mind, the PMC Pedal Valve guarantees performance that stands the test of time. Enjoy minimum pressure loss and optimal functionality across a wide range of temperatures, making it a dependable choice for various operational environments. Elevate your machinery control with the PMC Pedal Valve – where innovation meets reliability for superior performance.

Product Features

Models & Technical Specifications

MODELMax Inlet Pressure (kgf/cm2)Max Back Pressure (kgf/cm2)Op Torque (kgf.m)Rated Flow (L/m)PDF

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